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We are able to meet the varying requirements of both organizations by seamlessly integrating research and implementation that targets both the program evaluation and sector needs. These are the firm’s capabilities in the following major areas:

our services

Key Areas of Research/Themes

DiversityTalk has extensive experience in the following major areas:


DiversityTalk has extensive experience in the evaluation and research of Canada's and the United Kingdom’s health sectors. We have conducted sector studies in British Columbia and Ontario. We have worked at a global, federal, provincial/territorial and municipal level on health research focusing on policy and program evaluations and project designs. We have also examined various community health programs and programs with expertise on minoritized, vulnerable and marginalized communities (e.g. Indigenous, Black and People of Colour). In addition, we have conducted research on the effectiveness of primary care systems and on the promotion of health prevention programs.


Through our work with various communities and individuals, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit groups, DiversityTalk has been able to develop effective and culturally sensitive methods for conducting research. In addition, the firm has developed strong connections with Indigenous researchers. These connections allow DiversityTalk to create effective research teams.


DiversityTalk actively focuses on engagement with the Canadian and other international cannabis markets, with a primary focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism in the space. We focus on best practices for engagement at community and corporate levels offering a wide range of training and community events that focus on creating spaces for marginalized and vulnerable communities to explore and engage in the cannabis space.

Sector Councils

DiversityTalk is a major supplier of research to sector councils, which represent the employers and employees of various industries in Canada. We provide a wide range of studies, including supply/demand and employee engagement research, as well as studies on the skills inventory and older workers.

our services

Other Focus Areas

DiversityTalk seamlessly integrates research and practical application to meet the needs of our clients. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to our work through program evaluation and performance measurement requirements.

DiversityTalk has extensive experience and knowledge in the following areas:

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Ika Washington

Ika Washington founded DiversityTalk intending to create a platform and consultancy that can work with organizations and corporations to engage with marginalized and underrepresented groups within the health and social service space. 
Ika Washington is a public health professional specializing in health policy and equity. She is passionate about best engagement practices, building meaningful partnerships, programs and services to improve the complex social and health problems impacting communities. Equipped with a diverse experience, including governance and regulatory affairs, policy development and implementation, health research design, and project management, coupled with an M.Sc focusing on social science and a progressive Ph.D. in Health Policy and Equity,  Ika thrives on being solution-based to improve spaces for marginalized groups and improve business designs. 
Ika’s work experience includes working as a Policy Analyst and Program Specialist at Health Canada and Regional Lead for an Indigenous Health Authority serving over 31 First Nations communities in Ontario. In leading the stage as a global speaker, she has been featured in Leafly, Globe and Mail, The Green Room, GrowOp, Postmedia, and guested on various podcasts and documentaries.
Ph.D in Health Policy & Equity – York University (progressive) 
M.Sc. in Social Science – University of Southampton (UK)
B.Sc. in Biology (Ecosystem & Health) – Western University